Success is Natural
Sterling Oil Exploration & Energy Production Co. Limited

Top most on our priority list is to have a safe, clean healthy working place for all who are associated with Sterling Oil's Activities. This includes employees, contractors and the public. In addition, utmost care is given to the upkeep and care of the environment.

Our Commitment:
We conduct regular programmes related to the Health & Safety not only for the employees but the people around us who are interacting with us in various capacities.

We also ensure regulary checks and measures using Audit and are particular to have the recommendations implemented.

Employees and contractor staff are regularly briefed on Sterling Oil's HSE policy, standards and procedures using Classrooms Sessions and demonstrations. A prerequisite to our activities is adherence to the Policies and laid down and compliance to the policies.

As a responible corporate citizen, protecting the Environment and its conservation form an integral part of our Agenda.

We ensure that all our projects are strictly in line with the laid down standards and regulations.

Periodically we take stock of the existing facilities to ensure compliance with the standards. Our waste management policy ensures minimum waste and also does recycling. We also tie up relevant groups oups to promote environmental awareness and continuously re-evaluate its performance to ensure compliance.


Success is Natural